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  • NY Times: All the "News" That Fits the Furrier's Agenda

  • Vogue: Pimping for the Fur Trade

  • Fifth Avenue: High Fashion, No Compassion

  • Classroom Dissection and Fur: An Unholy Alliance

  • Know Your Foes: A Directory of Pro-Fur Organizations

  • ALF Welcome Here: A Directory of NYC Fur Stores

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  • Stop the Canada Seal Hunt!


  • The Animal Protection Institute Trapping Campaign

  • Boycott Neiman Marcus!

  • Consumer Fraud at New York City Fur Salons

  • Friends of Animals Fur Campaign.

  • Fund for Animals' Anti-Fur Campaign

  • Fund for Animals: Neiman Carcass campaign.

  • Fur Free Zone

  • Fur-Free New Jersey (outdated)

  • Fur Is Not Fabric!

  • Fur Shame

  • Humane Society of the United States: Fur and Trapping Fur Campaign

  • In Defense of Animals Fur Campaign.

  • Last Chance For Animals Fur Campaign.

  • Fur Free Friday

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  • UK campaign to encourage shops to go fur-free

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