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  • Boycott Federated Department Stores!

    Antifur activists are working to end the sale of fur by Federated Department Stores, including Macy's, , Bloomingdales, Rich's, Lazarus, Goldsmith, The Bon Marche, and Burdines.

    As part of a national boycott and protest effort, Wetlands and other groups have waged a high-profile campaign against Federated stores, including civil disobedience actions, mass rallies and marches, creative street theater actions, extensive print, radio, and television media coverage, collection of thousands of petitions, and distribution of hundreds of thousands of leaflets at Bloomingdale's, Macy*s, and Stern's stores.

  • Timeline of Actions Against Macy*s

    Contact the following Federated execs and tell them you will BOYCOTT even if their division doesn’t sell fur until all of Federated is fur free:

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